The Euroblast Vision

Euroblast Vision

Our vision is to bring the finest bands and composers of the contemporary metal scene onto our stages! With the growth of ingenious musical craftsmanship spreading over the internet, we feel the need to build a platform that gives everyone the chance to experience this amazing music in real life.

With identity and commitment we want to bring together musicians, fans and the industry offering exchange and multiplication for everyone. With a visionary team behind the curtains and endless supporters, partners and sponsors all over the world we have a massive fountain to drink from.

We love music and do what we have to do. We break barriers, genres and limitations of all kinds to let grow something new.We want to treat everyone equally and give chances to whom nobody else was daring to. We work hard and accept our imperfection. We are willing to learn from our mistakes and are happy for every single feedback or review! We want to invite more and more bands and let the festival grow, so that more people may profit from it. We are open to new ideas and suggestions!

So it’s all about creating a worldwide unique festival ...