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Euroblast Festival Vol. 10

October 2—4, 2014

Euroblast Volume 10, 2013


Essigfabrik, Cologne

Festival reports


We thank all bands from 2014 who came from USA, England, Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Iceland, Serbia, Germany, Finland, Belgium, New Zealand, Ireland, Hungary, Russia, Arab Emirates.
TesseracT (UK) | Animals As Leaders (US) | SikTh (official) (UK) | Leprous (NOR) | Heart Of A Coward (UK) | Vildhjarta (SWE) | Monuments (UK) | The Algorithm (FR) | Uneven Structure (FR) | Chimp Spanner (UK) | The Safety Fire (UK) | Exivious (NL) | Agent Fresco (IS) | Destiny Potato (RS) | Hypno5e (FR) | Felix Martin (VE/USA) | Drewsif Stalin(US)| Brutai (UK) | Under the Pledge of Secrecy (GER)| Circle of Contempt (FIN) | Khroma (FIN) | Bear (BE) | Mike Dawes (UK) | Heavy Metal Ninjas (NZ) | Shattered Skies (IRE/UK) | As They Burn (FR) | Red Seas Fire (UK) | The Mars Chronicles (FR) | Suasion (BE) | Dioramic (GER) | Novelists (FR) |Fuck You And Die (GER) | Carcer City (UK) | Placenta (GER) | Defrakt (GER) |Now, Voyager (BE) | Kryn Band (HR) | Astral Display (RUS) | Benevolent (UAE) | Ophelias Great Day (GER) | Time Has Come (GER) | Driven By Entropy (GER) | Chaosbay (GER) | Galaxy Space Man (GER) | Inkarna (GER)

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