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The answer to: when?

Opening hours

The venue will open daily at 1:00 PM and will close on Friday at 2:00 AM and Sunday at 4:00 AM.

Running order

We try our hardest to not overlap bands and stages, so it's possible to view all 40+ bands and only miss the minutes to get a fresh beer.

Festival bracelet

Every visitor gets a festival bracelet made of fabric with a metal closure. The festival ribbons can be picked up every day from around 12:30 at the festival grounds.

No re-entry after 7:00 PM

Regulation by the Essigfabrik

Regulation by the Essigfabrik: In agreement with the city of Cologne and the neighboring residents there is between 19:00 and 24:00 no re-entry to the event site. In case of special situations or concerns just talk to our friendly security and the problem can be solved safely together.

Kemper Profiler
The Euroblast Collective
Vola Guitars