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When you think of COPIA, you're instantly brought back to that time some Australian guys showed you their band at a festival or on the side of the road. And if you haven't yet seen them live, you're missing out on one of the best up and coming Australian bands in the scene. EPOCH, their 2017 released album, features crushing guitar riffs, poly-rhythmic/technical percussion, intuitive bass grooves and gritty, hooking vocals - all rolled together in a modern, yet somewhat reminiscently old school method of artistic finesse - helped by studio engineers Chris Blancato & William Putney.

Sharing the stage with the likes of 'Northlane' in Russia, and booking their own headline tours across Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, etc. it wasn’t long before the COPIA boys became a word of mouth hit in the European metal scene with fans travelling from far & wide to catch a live show. Back in Australia, gaining experience by headlining tours through major cities, as well as playing alongside 'Dream On, Dreamer', saw COPIA develop a charismatic reputation on and off stage through a combination of their own youthful energy & unique business minded approaches.

Many of their singles including ’Hostility’, ‘Disconnected’, ‘Watching’ & ‘Never Forget' have been playlisted on Lochlan Watt’s programme ‘The Racket’ on popular Aussie radio station Triple J. Being featured on many review blogs such as Pitchfork, Heavy Mag, Killyourstereo & Metal Obsession has aided COPIA in being an international hit in both Australia & Europe, while still growing in other parts of the world..

Since the bands formation in 2013, COPIA have sold in excess of 27,000 hard copies of Eleven:Eleven, in excess of 7000 hard copies of their 2016 compilation CD ‘THE PLEDGE’ & have currently sold 10,000 hard copies of their 2017 released album ‘EPOCH’. As well as this, they have accumulated a further 67,000 plays via streaming services, exceeded 10,000 plays on Bandcamp & 450,000 combined listens on YouTube. This is only a small indication of the growing popularity of COPIA.

COPIA endorses the use of Steinberg products.
COPIA endorses Plant Faced Clothing & East Brunswick Tattoos.

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