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Crippled Black Phoenix


Crippled Black Phoenix are everything but easy to pidgeonhole them. They describe their music as endtime ballads, reminding on the early works of Pink Floyd. Or put like that: “Confusion, with a whiff of the macabre”. In the beginning Post Rock shaped them, but soon a huge variety of different styles like Progressive Rock, Alternativ Rock, elektronic music, Stoner and Psychedelic Doom influenced their music - definitely breaking any chains of genres! On stage they are a must-see, which was proven at Roadburn Festival 2017. These are the top 5 misconceptions about CBP:

  1. CBP are a Bristol band.
  2. CBP are a Mogwai/Portishead side-project.
  3. CBP are "post-rock"
  4. CBP are a "collective"
  5. CBP stands for "Crippled Bastard Phoenix" / "Crippled Back Penis" / "Canadian Border Patrol".
  6. There are five (5) misconceptions about CBP
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