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What happens when five high-class European metalheads get together to form a band?

A completely music-centered project where everything serves to create the biggest possible creative outlet for the members, no doubt.

Starting from the name of the band, which was consciously chosen by founder Martin Lopez (Ex-Opeth, Ex-Amon Amarth) to be as abstract as possible so it wouldn't create premature associations. While listening however strong emotional images arise immediately. A deep scandinavian melancholy and ponderosity blends with complex and demanding riffs.

Everything is being wrapped up by the smooth yet precise voice from Joel Ekelöf (Ex-Willowtree). His sensitive melodic phrases will take the listener on a journey through Mellotron Fields and to the Fjords of Polyrhythms.

Fans of bands like Tool or Opeth will definitely get their fix.

Kemper Profiler
The Euroblast Collective