We do not offer our own camping. The nearest campsite is three kilometres away (Camping Köln).


You can find the right person of contact for accreditation on our contact page.

No re-entry after 19:00
Regulation by the venue (Essigfabrik)

Regulation by the Essigfabrik: In agreement with the City of Cologne and the neighbouring residents, there will be no re-entry to the event area between 19:00 and 00:00. This ensures that the hustle and bustle is focused on the grounds and the environment is not disturbed. In case of special situations or concerns, just talk to our friendly security and the problem can certainly be solved together.

Age limitations

Protection of minors, children

The German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) applies at the Euroblast Festival.


Admission regulations: only with a parent or guardian.


Admission regulations: only with a parent or guardian.


Admission regulations: Concert area (from 24:00h): only with a parent or guardian.Adolescents from 16 up to and including 17 years of age without a parent or guardian must leave the festival grounds by 24:00 hrs.


The person entitled to custody is the person who, alone or together with another person, is entitled to custody according to the provisions of the German Civil Code. As a rule, this is the parents.


A parent or guardian is any person over the age of 18 who is responsible for the child’s or young person’s education for the duration of the event on the basis of a written agreement with the person with parental authority.

If the child or young person is accompanied by a parent/legal guardian, the “agreement on the assignment of parent/legal guardian” must be executed and signed in a legally binding manner. This document must be carried by the parent/guardian at all times. If this is not the case during a check, the child may be reported to the police and the responsible youth welfare office. It must be possible for the person to be supervised to drive home.

We expressly point out that the legal guardians, i.e. as a rule the parents, are responsible for deciding who can take on the task of child-raising and to what extent this task is assigned. The person to whom the educational task is delegated should also be aware of the responsibility that is being taken on. Attention: This person can also be entrusted with the supervision of more than one person! You can download the agreement! The ban on alcohol for young people under the age of 18, which also includes the consumption of mixed drinks containing spirits, also remains in place.

Parent/legal guardian agreement (German only)


Children up to and including 12 years of age are admitted free of charge when accompanied by their parents and on presentation of their child’s ID card and the ID card of one of their parents.

Card system: Beverages

The sale of drinks is entirely in the hands of the Essigfabrik.

The Essigfabrik uses a card system where you can buy a drink card with which you can pay for all drinks at the festival. You get the cards directly at the bar. The remaining money on the card can be paid back during the day at the counters upstairs and downstairs, and later at the counter downstairs only.

Lost & Found

Please hand in found items at the festival box office. You can also ask there if you have lost something.


There is no installed ATM on the premises of the Vinegar Factory. The nearest ATMs are located here:

Sparkasse KölnBonn
Deutzer Freiheit 66
50679 Köln
Distance: 1,7 km

Google Maps

Sparkasse KölnBonn
Siegburger Str. 358
51105 Köln
Distance 1,3 km

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There is plenty of free parking in the area. We ask you not to park directly on the street in front of the Essigfabrik or the adjacent mill and to look for a parking space a little further away. Please do not leave valuables in the cars and leave them at the festival.


At the Euroblast Festival there will be a merchandise stand selling festival merchandise as well as merchandise from all bands. You can also pay by EC/credit card and other method of payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.) there.

Box Office, Day Tickets

The box office offers a contingent of day and 3-day tickets. Cash and EC/credit card payments are accepted at the box office.

Food & Beverages

There is a selection of food stalls on the festival grounds. Vegetarian and vegan food is also available here.

Image and sound recordings

By entering the festival grounds, the guest agrees that picture and sound recordings may be made of him/her for later publication.

Visitors with disabilities / wheelchair users

We are always striving to improve the service for our festival visitors with disabilities and to make the festival as pleasant and above all barrier-free as possible for them!

Severely disabled visitors with a G (significant walking disability), AG (exceptional walking disability), B (need for constant accompaniment), H (helplessness) or BL (blindness) in their ID will receive a free ticket for an accompanying person at the guest list entrance. It is important that the disabled visitor has a valid admission ticket as well as the corresponding severely disabled person’s ID with one of the aforementioned marks.

It's blast time!