Our partnerships are of enormous importance to us. Only in this way are we able to create a unique and unforgettable festival experience. And not only for our visitors, but also for all those involved on and behind the stage.

A very special thanks goes to the Essigfabrik Cologne. They have been a strong partner at our side for over 10 years and support us not only financially, but also logistically with a great team in the implementation of our festival. Since 2013, this cooperation has now already grown into a solid partnership that enables us to make the Euroblast Festival an even better experience. In addition, the Essigfabrik has been an integral part and ambitious driver of Cologne’s cultural and creative industries for many years.

What would Euroblast Festival be without partners?

Our partners understand the uniqueness of our event and not only participate in our festival solely based on their financial contribution, but bring something to the table that allows us to create a better event. In order to do so, we are constantly working on involving our partners over and above the usual sponsorship deal. Our goal is to engage brands and partners with our audience not only on site, but beyond the actual festival experience as well.

Through close collaboration and constructive criticism, our partners participate actively in making the festival better with every edition. Our partners’ opinion is highly valued at all times. If you are interested in getting involved with Euroblast Festival and receiving more information, feel free to contact:

John Giulio Sprich

Email to John

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